13 January 2018

We have had numerous guests inquire about the provenance of some of our furnishings!  In particular, one of our popular rooms, Por Una Cabeza is furnished with a uniquely designed king sized bed.  The story?....The bed came to us from the estate of Toller Cranston.  Toller lived in San Miguel de Allende and he was a legendary Canadian figure skater in the 1970s.  Cranston was a six-time Canadian men's figure skating champion.  In 1974 he won a bronze medal at the world championships and another bronze medal at the 1976 Innsbruck winter Olympics.   He was known for his artistic flair on the ice and when he retired, focused more time on painting.

Toller moved to San Miguel de Allende after he retired from skating. For more information about Toller Cranston you can search on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toller_Cranston.

For a relaxing stay (with a little bit of history), reserve the room 'Por Una Cabeza'.  Additional pieces from Toller Cranston's estate can be found in our Turok cafe where you can enjoy breakfast or hang out for coffee and pastries and view  some of the vintage Talavera pottery pieces Toller collected.



18 January 2018

Hotel La Villa de Pozos is proud to have exclusive offering of 3 Calderas beer!  3 Calderas is brewed locally in San Luis de la Paz.  Come join us at La Mina restaurant and enjoy a cold artesanal beer and support local brewers!!