Mineral de Pozos

The magic of Mineral de Pozos begins to envelop you as soon as you set foot in this small town in the foothills of the Sierra Gorda.

Its history encompasses fierce, nomadic tribes collectively known as the Chichimeca; Spanish conquistadors establishing the Camino Real through the area; Jesuit priests mining the region for souls and silver; booms and busts over several centuries; revolution; and a holy war. Its evolution from a mining bonanza city to a pueblo fantasma (ghost town), and now to a pueblo mágico (magic town) is straight out of the pages of a novel in the Latin literary tradition of magical realism.

Today, Mineral de Pozos is a town of around 2,500 residents. It has become known for its variety of musical offerings. Local families make pre-Hispanic musical instruments and perform on them in concerts. The town has several excellent mariachi bands. In the last weekend of April, it hosts the annual Mariachi Festival, which has grown over the last seventeen years, now attracting the top bands in the country as well as thousands of spectators. June welcomes in the blues festival, held at the Antiguo Abasto, a ruin with an outdoor arena. And the oldest of the festivals takes place in July: El Festival Cultural de la Toltequidad is a celebration of indigenous music and dance from all over the region. The newest addition to Pozos’s musical events is the International Tango Gala, first held in July 2016.

The cultural life of Pozos also includes an annual film festival, a growing number of galleries and antique shops, an annual art walk, and a home-and-garden tour. The year 2016 saw the opening of the Escuela Modelo, a beautifully restored model school from the bonanza era, which is to become an international arts center and mining museum.

Mine Tours

With a colonial past dating back five centuries, Pozos has a fascinating architectural heritage for you to explore. The 300 eerie ruins surrounding the town reveal the stories of the mining booms and busts that this location has experienced. The area’s semi-desert landscape blends with the walls of abandoned mining complexes and haciendas, such as Santa Brígida, Cinco Señores, and Triángulo, where up to a thousand people once worked.

Hiking and Biking

The area is a hiker’s paradise. Although there are no formal trails, you can walk out of town in almost any direction, encounter spectacular scenery, and run across picturesque adobe ruins. The going is rugged, so you will need hiking boots and would benefit from poles. Always be on the lookout for uncovered mine shafts, and watch your footing.

Pozos has a well-marked mountain bike trail with comfort stations and a variety of levels of difficulty. The trails through the ruins make it a unique experience. Ask at our front desk about bike rental and mountain bike tours.


Club-Spa Minas, in the center of town, has a lap pool, a work-out room, saunas, a Jacuzzi, and massage services. Built from a stone ruin, it is a charming place to lounge by the pool, read a book, and sip a cold drink. Day passes are available.

Day Trips:

Pozos can be your hub to explore the diverse surrounding area. It’s less than an hour’s drive from a number of fascinating places.

San Miguel de Allende:  A colonial city of great charm, it is consistently voted one of the five best cities in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Go there to shop, dine, gaze at the architecture, visit art galleries, and wander the cobblestone streets before coming back to the relative tranquility of Pozos.

Dolores Hidalgo:  The town is of great historical importance in Mexico, as it’s where the Grito de Dolores, the cry for independence, was uttered in 1810. The subsequent insurgency led to Mexico’s separation from Spain. The town is also famous as the home of Talavera pottery and tile. Many of the shops will ship your purchases home for you.

Antea LifeStyle Center:  The second largest shopping mall in Latin America will surprise you with its sophistication. All the usual US shops and restaurants can be found here, but also many retailers from Europe, including high-end designers. Whether your tastes run to Old Navy or to Gucci, you’ll find it here in a pleasant, user-friendly environment.

Querétaro:  Mexico’s “it” city is drawing residents away from Mexico City and other large urban areas for its quality of life, and attracting business and industry from around the world thanks to its infrastructure. It has a beautiful colonial heart and offers a plethora of cultural attractions, excellent restaurants, and modern surrounds, including the Q uerétaro International airport.

Centro Vacacional El Salto:  El Salto is a one-stop center for a number of outdoor activities, including hang gliding, ziplining, rappelling, and exploring by all-terrain vehicle. The mountain setting is stunning. There is also an astronomy center from which you can appreciate the night skies.


Mineral de Pozos is located in the northeast corner of the state of Guanajuato, 7,500 feet up on the semi-desert plane known as the Bajío. This agriculture-rich area is regarded as the safest and most economically dynamic in Mexico. The altitude is offset by the tropical latitude, resulting in a near-ideal climate.

The town is approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles) north of Mexico City and 85 kilometers (53 miles) from the city of Querétaro. San Miguel de Allende, voted one of the five best cities in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, is a 45-minute drive away, as is the historic city of Dolores Hidalgo, famous for its Talavera pottery. The beautiful Sierra Gorda mountains, with their complex ecosystems, biosphere, and historic Franciscan missions, can be reached in about four hours.

Getting Here:

From the Airport

From Mexico City:  On arrival at Benito Juárez International Airport, go to the Primera Plus bus depot located inside Terminal 1. Buy a ticket to Querétaro for about 350 pesos ($19). This luxury bus, with reclining seats, seatback video, clean lavatories, and snacks, takes approximately 3 hours to arrive in Querétaro. Please be aware that boarding this bus is much like boarding a plane: Your checked bags will be stowed under the bus. You and your carry-on will go through the same type of security check as at an airport, and you cannot take liquids, gels, etc. on board the bus.

On arrival at the Querétaro bus station, go to the taxi kiosk located in the main terminal. Prices are determined by zone; a trip to Mineral de Pozos should be approximately 600 pesos ($33). After buying your ticket, go to the taxi stand outside, and the captain will assign you a taxi. The drive will take about an hour.

From Queretaro:  Querétaro International Airport is about a 90-minute drive from Pozos. The only transportation options to and from QIA are taxis and rental cars.

Groups can also book a shuttle service in advance directly to Pozos from Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City, Querétaro International Airport, and Guanajuato International  Airport.

Prices in Mexico can fluctuate seemingly randomly, and the exchange rate varies, so all prices are subject to change.

By Car

From San Miguel de Allende: Take the Salida de Querétaro (Querétaro exit) out of town through the first glorieta (traffic circle) at La Luciérnega. At the second glorieta, take the left exit toward Carretera Dr. Mora. Stay on Carretera Dr. Mora, passing through the town of Los Rodríguez. Beware of the many topes (speed bumps) in the town. Continue for about 20 minutes, crossing over Federal Highway 57, until you reach an intersection signposted as San José Iturbide to the right and San Luis de la Paz/Mineral de Pozos to the left. Turn left. This will take you straight into Pozos. Hotel la Villa is the very first building on the right.

From Querétaro: Get on Federal Highway 57 North toward San Luis Potosí. Stay on it for approximately 40 minutes (about 60 kilometers) until you see the exit to Carretera Dr. Mora. Stay on Carretera Dr. Mora until you reach an intersection signposted as San José Iturbide to the right and San Luis de la Paz/Mineral de Pozos to the left. Turn left. This will take you straight into Pozos. Hotel la Villa is the very first building on the right.

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